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Types of Rooms in a House: 16 Different Types of Rooms with Images

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Do you have building plans, and you don’t know which types of rooms in a house to include?

Things have changed in the modern world, and you can now have all types of rooms in a house, depending on one’s preferences and needs.

Some of these rooms are basic, while others are optional to include in your home plan.

While some are big and spacious, others are small, depending on the owner’s needs.

If you are on a low budget, it is up to you to choose which rooms you need the most since it might be impossible to have all the rooms.

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In this article, I have compiled 15 different types of rooms in a house, which will help you with your house plans.

A-List Of The Different Types Of Rooms In A House

1. Living Room

Types of Rooms in a House

A living room is a common area where all the family members meet to discuss some issues or rest.

It’s an important room, that’s why it is almost found in every home.

This room should be visually appealing; that’s why it has more decorations than other rooms.

It’s the first room to see after you enter a house and in the case of a storey house, it is located on the first floor.

The room comprises of a TV, couches, table, among others.

2. Kitchen

Types of Rooms in a House

A kitchen is also an essential room in a house to prepare meals for you or family members conveniently.

Most people prefer the kitchen attached to the main house in the modern-day while others build it some distance from the main house.

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In many cases, it is located near the dining room for more convenience.

Since it is the room for preparing human food, it should be kept hygienic and disinfected from time to time.

Kitchens have varying designs and layout to choose the one that will suit your needs, whether you’re building or renting a house.

The room has cupboards, a cooker, sink, utensils, among others.

3. Dining Room

Types of Rooms in a House

A dining room is used for taking meals and is mostly located near the kitchen.

It is convenient to eat in a common room so that you don’t go carrying food to other rooms.

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Dining ensures that everyone concentrates on the food and avoids things like using a mobile phone or watching TV while eating.

They are of different sizes and styles as some are spacious while others are small, depending on the space and number of family members.

Some people prefer a rectangular room and others a square one.

4. Bedroom

Types of Rooms in a House

This is an important room where we go to rest after a tiresome day.

Most homes have more than one bedroom that may include a master bedroom used by the home owner’s and children’s bedrooms.

A bedroom is mostly located at the far corners of the house for privacy purposes.

Ideally, master bedrooms are more extensive than other bedrooms.

There are different bedroom layouts to choose from, depending on the number and type of furniture to use.

If you want to have a neat and organized bedroom, plan well, and ensure you buy the right furniture.

Some of the household items found include a bed, stool, wardrobe or closet, and sofa set.

5. Guest Room

Types of Rooms in a House

A guest room is mostly used as a spare bedroom in case one has visitors.

If your friends and relatives love coming for sleepovers, then having a guest room will be a great idea.

This is for convenience purposes as the guests will enjoy their privacy and stay comfortable around the house.

Some of the items that are in the guest room may include a bed, table, sofa set, closet, but this differs from one home to another.

In some cases, it may be used for other purposes when no visitor is around.

6. Family Room

Types of Rooms in a House

The family room can be referred to as an extra living room since some homeowners prefer having two living rooms, especially when they are many.

Some people have other names for this room and may use it for different purposes depending on one’s preference

A family room is convenient, especially when you want to have some conversation with friends or visitors.

It ensures that you don’t disrupt other family members and gives you privacy with their friends.

7. Home office

Types of Rooms in a House

Some people’s professions allow them to work at the comfort of their homes; that’s why you find some owners sparing a room to use as an office.

It is a better idea than renting a room outside where you will incur more expenses.

While working, one needs a quiet environment for maximum concentration, that’s why most offices are located far end of the house.

Most home offices are located away from rooms like living rooms, which are noisy.

Some home offices are more extensive than others, depending on the available space.

In the case of a storey house, the office can be located on the last floor.

Mostly there are computers, chairs, tables, or sofas, among others, depending on one’s interests.

In case you don’t have an office, you can turn a room that is rarely used in one.

8. Bathroom

Types of Rooms in a House


This is a vital room in every home since people have to take a shower.

Some bathrooms are more extensive than others, depending on the available space.

In some homes, there are multiple bathrooms for convenience purposes.

They save time since more people can shower at the same time if one is in a hurry.

For privacy purposes, some homes have bathrooms made explicitly for the homeowners and another for the children and guests.

Some bathrooms have bathtubs, while others prefer not to have one.

9. Laundry room

A laundry room is where cleaning clothes, shoes, and mats take place for convenience purposes.

Common appliances found in this room may include detergents, washing and drying machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Some laundry rooms may have a drying line for clothes that cannot be washed in the dry cleaner.

It is always a good idea to soundproof the room due to the machines’ sounds while in use.

10. Game Room

Types of Rooms in a House

In many modern homes, game rooms are common compared to the traditional ones.

People have fun in this room and can also be used as an entertainment room.

Games played in most home game rooms include a pool or video games.

However, not all homeowners prefer having it; that’s why it is not found in all homes.

You can use this room to store items that are not often used.

11. Library

For book lovers, a home library is necessary to keep your books.

The room should be located in a quiet area away from noisy rooms like the living or playroom.

It has to be a room where one can concentrate with minimal if any, interruption.

Even though there are eBooks due to the advancement in technology, some people still love reading real books and have a place to store their book collection.

12. Storage Room

Types of Rooms in a House

Most homes nowadays prefer having a store for convenience purposes.

However, as most people have extra items, not all have the space to keep them.

Many people will use spare rooms in the house as a store if they never built one.

Extra things that are not frequently used are kept in this room, including chairs and farm tools.

Though some people view this as an optional room, it is essential.

13. Basement

A basement is the lowest room in a house located below the ground level.

This room is used as a shelter during storms or other unfavorable weather.

It’s an optional room, and not all homeowners prefer having one.

In most western countries, you have to permit the housing authorities to own a basement in your house.

Some people can use the basement for other purposes depending on the owner’s needs.

14. Nursery


This is a room for taking care of your baby.

It’s where you change the baby’s diaper and prepare the baby before going on a trip.

Some of the nursery things include a changing table, baby clothes, toys, and crib.

It is good to have one if you have a baby or plan to have one for convenience purposes.

However, some people prefer not to have a nursery instead use their bedroom as a nursery.

Some turn a spare bedroom into a baby’s nursery.

15. Gym room

For people who want to achieve their fitness goals; having a gym room in your house is essential.

It is convenient since you can exercise any time at your own pace compared to a commercial gym.

Many health professionals advise clients to have a gym at home for convenience purposes.

The room mainly has gym items like yoga mats, lifting weights, and others.

It should spacious to enable one to move freely when exercising.

Some people prefer using the basement while others use any extra room in the house as the gym.

16. Playroom

A playroom is an area where the kids play. Since kids love playing, it is good to set a room for them to play with friends without disturbing other people.

It should have enough space and make sure there are sharp objects that can harm them.

Items in this room are mostly toys they use when playing.

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Some people use spare rooms as a playroom in case they don’t have one.

Final Thoughts On Types Of Rooms In A House

From the above list, I hope you can know which rooms to include in your house plan.

If you are on a high budget, include, if not all, as many rooms as you can to serve your needs.

For a larger family, consider having spacious rooms for convenience purposes.

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