How to Cover Exposed Wires Outside

There are many way on how to cover exposed wires outside. Some homeowners don’t understand how dangerous exposed wire could be to the people around.

In most homes, there are some exposed wires, some of which might carry very high voltage electricity to the appliances inside your home.

The exposed wires also make your compound less appealing to the eyes. If you look forward to finding ways to cover exposed wires outside, you’re in the right place.

1. Use a Wire Cover

The most common method of covering exposed wires is a wire cover. It protects against exposure from power lines or other high-voltage items such as televisions.

It helps hide and conceal unwanted cable on your compound’s exterior.

An outdoor cable protector is the best, and it comes in varying lengths and sizes and for different kinds of wiring.

2. Use Electric tape to cover the exposed wires

The use of electric tape is a quick and easy method to cover exposed wires.

However, one should avoid using them, especially in wet or humid areas, because the insulation of exposed cables can be damaged.

Also, note that the tape might not work if you have exposed wiring on a flat surface line, incomplete wall, or ceiling.

3. Use Bungee cord

A bungee cord is another way to cover exposed wires temporarily.

If nothing is covering the power cord to the outdoor lights, attach a bungee cord around the cable, then run it through the eye hook screwed on the top of a wall to keep it together and above the ground.

4. Use PVC Piping

To prevent the outside wires from getting further exposed, PVC comes in handy.

You have to drill a hole depending on the size of the wire, then later slide it through to protect the pipe further; you can tie it to the wall.

5. Use flexible piping

If your exposed wires are along the exterior walls, you can place flexible piping using a staple gun to keep it in place.

The larger the diameter of the pipe, the better since it’ll provide better protection for the wires.

6. Use concrete screws

Concrete screws can be used in anchoring down your exposed wires. It is the best option when one has many wiring that needs to be attached to the wall.

It’s the best method to cover exposed wires outside, especially when using many cables and wires that are not in the same class, e.g., Phone and electrical wires.

7. Use a corner bead

Using a corner bead helps prevent wires from getting exposed to the outside. It’s also ideal in case you’re trying to run cables along an exterior wall.

8. Try using furniture

The use of furniture is also an excellent method to hide exposed wiring. Try placing the furniture you no longer want inside your house so it cannot be seen from the exterior.

Some of the furniture that can use include a table

9. Use floor tiles

Floor tiles are also used to cover exposed wires running across the exterior wall.

The advantage of the tiles is that they are sold in various styles, finishes, and colors. It’s effective and time-saving since you will not need to cover each wire individually with stickers or electrical tape.

10. Use Vinyl wall decals

Vinyl wall decals are one of the most straightforward solutions when it comes to covering exposed wires outside. Clear vinyl bumper stickers conceal the exposed wires so well.

The advantage is that they are affordable and easy to install. Electrical tapes can also be used as alternatives if you don’t have the decals.

11. Molding

Molding conceals any exposed wires keeping them safe from the elements. You can further paint the molding to match the color of your house.

12. Use cable raceway

Cable raceways are ideal for concealing exposed wires, especially when many wires are covered. It is better than using single cable clips to cover each wire on its own.

They give your wiring more protection and support. You can also install an electric box along the wall first and then slide the wire inside before using the cable raceways.

13. Use electrical boxes

Electrical boxes can also be installed along the exterior walls in case you want to organize your outside wiring neatly.

It comes to hand if you are covering multiple cables located in one area, and you don’t want them to get tangles with each other.

14. Use potted plants

An image showing potted plants

Potted plants are a creative way to cover exposed wires along the wall. They conceal the wires so the wall while giving your patio some appealing look making your outdoor living space more beautiful.

15. Plant flowers

Did you know you can plant flowers to cover your exposed wires outside?

While we all plant flowers around our homes to make the surrounding aesthetically appealing, they can also be wisely planted in areas with exposed wires to prevent people from accidentally stepping on them.

Once you’ve planted them around the exposed wires, they will not get damaged easily since the possibility of tampering with them is low.

16. Use cable clips

Cables clips come handy in ensuring your wiring is safe and organized so that they don’t ruin the insulation of the wires.

17. Use a light switch cover

Use a light switch cover along the wall if the exposed wiring doesn’t look good on your patio. This way, you will no longer have to look at the exposed cables.

The good news is that the covers are sold in varying styles, so you have to choose the one that you prefer.

18. Use Vinyl adhesive strips to cover exposed wires

Vinyl adhesive strips are effective in concealing exposed wiring around your home. It’s a more permanent solution compared to some other methods.

The strips come with pre-cut openings, and one doesn’t require special skills to install. To install, you need to stick them on the wall, and you’re done.

19. Install a corner shelf

A corner shelf is ideal if multiple wires are running near the corner of a wall. The large the shelf, the more wires it covers. Also, ensure that it’s big enough to fit the entire length of the wire to fit inside.

20. Painted brick veneer

Painted brick veneer can also help conceal exposed wiring in your home. You are required to build a masonry or wood opening along the exterior wall.

The pro of this method is that it’s a great way of adding architectural interest and storage space.

Other methods include,

Installing a privacy trellis

Installing a fence panel.

Use of outdoor vinyl tiles

Use of a shadow box

Install a planter box

Building a wall niche

Final thoughts

From the above methods, it’s clear that you don’t need a lot of effort to cover exposed wires outside. Most of them don’t need any special skills to get your job done.

You need to choose a method that will make your backyard or patio look best.

If you are on a tight budget, go for affordable methods such as planting flowers or use of furniture.

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