How to Tighten A Loose Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet in 7 Steps

Having you been wondering how to tighten a loose moen single handle kitchen faucet?

Worry no more because, in this article, I have compiled steps that will guide you.

In most cases, the first thing people think of is calling a plumber to repair the handle.

The truth is that it’s not such a complex task that can

However, before you think of calling a plumber, this guide help you get a solution to fix it yourself.

Due to excess use, it is normal for a kitchen faucet handle to get loose.

If not repaired in time, it reduces the lifespan of your kitchen faucet.

A loose kitchen faucet leads to a lot of water wastage even with a flow restrictor and if not tightened early, you will have increased water bills.

You might also incur an extra cost of purchasing other new parts to replace the worn-out ones.

To save on water and these extra expenses, use the guide below to tighten your loose handle kitchen faucet without calling a plumber.

Steps on How To Tighten A Loose Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Step 1: Clear the sink

Clearing any object on the sink is the initial step that ensures that there will be no restrictions.

Any material on the sink will prevent you from having a smooth operation. Make sure your sink is clean and there is no debris left.

Step 2: Switch off the water supply valves

The next step is to disconnect the water supply valves for your kitchen.

Ensure that there are no drips from the supply source for smooth operation.

To check if there is any water supply, turn on the faucet handle; once you notice that no water is flowing, turn it off.

Step 3: Inspect the kitchen faucet’s handle

How to Tighten a Loose Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Make sure you check the moen kitchen faucet’s mechanism and understand it well before tampering with it.

This is an important step as it will determine how you will handle the problem at hand.

You might find two things on the moen kitchen faucet a screw or hex nut at the entrance point of the faucet handle.

On the top of the handle, you will see a cap.

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Step 4: Remove the Hex Nut of the Handle

Your moen kitchen faucet may either be having a screw or hex nut on its handle.

Unscrew the hex nut gently and smoothly to avoid damaging the handle.

It does not need a lot of time; in a few seconds, you will be done.

Step 5: Look For the Setscrew Hidden In the Cap

This is a very important trickiest step in this whole process.

Sometimes it is not easy to see the setscrew, which is normally located under the cap.

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However, note that not all tools are able to reach the setscrew under the handle’s cap.

An Allen wrench is a tool that can reach most of the faucet’s corners, making the work easier.

The Allen wrenched sized 3/32 is the best size to install the handle scree since it can reach most equipment’s tough corners.

Pick the right size of the Allen wrench and use it in fitting the handle screw. If you can’t find the screw by applying it straightforwardly, enter it at a slight angle direction.

Step 6: Tighten the Setscrew of The Faucet Handle

Once you are through with the trickiest part of locating the hidden setscrew, the rest of the process is easy to handle.

After you find it, hold the screw using the basin wrench, and then tighten it by twisting in a clockwise direction.

Apply medium pressure to tighten the setscrew firmly.

Since you might want to open the handle at some point, ensure you don’t tighten it too firmly.

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Step 7: Connect the Water Supply Valves

Once you are through tightening the faucet’s handle, you have to check if the handle is tight enough.

To do this, reconnect the kitchen faucet’s water supply valves, and then turn it on to let water flow.

Determine the tightness of the handle while turning the faucet on. You must also ensure that the water is flowing smoothly.

If the faucet’s water smoothness and tightness are good, you are through with the work.

If it’s the opposite, go on tightening the setscrew of the handle to be more firm.


Use a flashlight during the process to help you see clearly.

Wear gloves to keep your hands safe from any accident.

If possible, have someone to help you during the process.

Choose the correct size of the Allen wrench when locating the hidden setscrew.

Final thoughts on How to Tighten a Loose Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

You now have tips on how to tighten a loose moen single handle kitchen faucet.

The steps above are easy to follow, so you will not have to call a professional to do the work yourself.

To avoid extra expenses and increased water bill tighten the loose kitchen faucet once you notice it.

If you continue using it in its loose state, its useful time goes on reducing meaning that it will serve you for a shorter period.

I hope the article will help you tighten the loose moen single kitchen faucet successfully.

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