How Long Does Milorganite Take To Work On A Lawn

How long does milorganite take to work on a lawn? Have you ever asked yourself what secret lies behind the green lush green grass?

The secret is milorganite which is a natural and organic lawn fertilizer has been in use over the decades.

Apart from improving the health of grass, it also increases the rate of growth.

It is a great alternative for most of the synthetic fertilizers in the market today.

The product is trusted and has been in use over decades thanks to its effectiveness.

Milorganite is 85% organic, and its main component is nitrogenous elements which help the grass to form foliage while improving the chlorophyll.

So now the question remains, how long does milorganite take to work on a lawn?

Milorganite Benefits

Supply of nitrogen

Milorganite is a nitrogenous fertilizer with 85% nitrogen.

The nitrogen is slowly released into the soil, meaning the fertilizer can be effective for a long period.

Nitrogen in plants helps in the formation of chlorophyll which the green substance that produces food for plants.

It also helps plants grow healthy by improving their foliage.

Organic nature

As I earlier mentioned, milorganite consists of around 85% organic substances.

This means that, unlike other fertilizers, it has very low chances of contamination. (source)

It’s safe for humans and animals, so you have less to worry about once you apply it on your lawn.

It does not harm in case of runoff during heavy rains thanks to its natural components.

Slow-release nature

Milorganite releases its nutrients slowly into the soil.

This means that you don’t expect to see the results after the first couple of days after application.

Its slow release ensures that it provides the grass with the right nutrient dosage over a longer period.

The advantage is that you’ll not need to apply it frequently.

How to Apply Milorganite

How you apply milorganite will depend on grass species and the soil needs.

This means that you will have to test the soil to determine its needs before application.

You also have to find out the growing season of the type of grass in your lawn.

Both Cool climate and warm climate grass need to be fertilized at least four times a year, but the time of application is different.

Before applying the fertilizer, make sure you know your grass type and the time it needs more nutrients.

Steps For Applying Milorganite

Step 1: Check the soil temperature

Checking the soil temperature ensures that you apply the fertilizer at the ideal soil temperature, ranging from 55-85 degrees.

Step 2: do the math to determine the amount of fertilizer required for your lawn size and grass type.

Step 3: mowing

Mow the lawn for easier absorption by the soil after application.

Step 4: apply the milorganite by spreading it over the lawn with the help of a rotary spreader.

Use a pattern to ensure that you don’t miss some areas.

Step 5: water the lawn

Ensure the lawn is watered so that the milorganite will be effective. Watering also helps wash off any fertilizer that may be left on the grass blades to prevent burning.

How Long Does Milorganite Take To Work On A Lawn?

How Long Does Milorganite Take To Work On A Lawn

Now the question is, how long will the milorganite take to start showing results on your lawn?

When the fertilizer is applied in the right amount, the results will start showing after one week.

The first noticeable result is that the grass color as pale or yellow will start turning green and healthy.

In the second week, the growth rate of the grass will accelerate, becoming taller and thicker.

During the third week, the results will be clear and can be noticed from a distance.

Milorganite Dosage

Anything used in excess amounts can be harmful.

In the case of milorganite, applying excess amount will lead to excess nitrogen supply for the grass, causing scorching and yellowing.

However, its slow release nature slows down the harmful effects, but this does not mean applying in high dosage.

On the other hand, an underdose may not be effective, and there may be no visible results.

This means that you will have to reapply to get the desired results.

When To Apply Milorganite

You might be wondering, when is the right time to apply milorganite on your lawn?

Even though the organic fertilizer is insoluble in water, the best time to apply is before the rains.

Water increases the nutrient absorbing rate of the grass; thus, the results will show faster.

The fertilizer can be applied a maximum of 4 times in one year.

It will take around 10 weeks for the grass to break down all the nitrogen in a single milorganite dose.

Since it’s made of organic matter, the fertilizer has an unpleasant smell that fades away after a week.

However, since your main interest is to have lush green grass, you have to trade -off the long-term benefits with the short-term foul smell.

The smell will only take a week, and it’s gone though it may take longer in hot and humid weather.

Final Thoughts On How Long Does Milorganite Take To Work On A Lawn

Knowing how long does milorganite take to work on a lawn, it’s now up to you to schedule when you will be applying it.

As I mentioned earlier, the application times will depend on the type of grass you’ve planted on your lawn.

Milorganite’s slow release nature ensures there is nitrogen supply for an extended period.

Don’t expect to see the results in an initial couple of days after application.

The first results are visible after a week of application with greener grass, improved growth in the second week then foliage in the third week.

I hope you’ve found the answers you were looking for in this article.


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