Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees in Southern California

This review will help you identify some of the best fertilizer for orange trees that the market has to offer.

However, your biggest worry could be identifying the one that fits your needs to give a good harvest for your oranges.

The application of these fertilizers is always a move that gives a turnover to your yield compared to waiting for a natural yield.

These fertilizers play an essential role in not only giving a boost but also ensuring better health in produce.

This review will guide you through the best selections to change the growth and health of your plants.

What Is the Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees?

The best fertilizer for orange trees is Miracle-Gro Water Soluble plant food.

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees

Its popularly known for its capability to add all the essential nutrients instantly on application giving beautiful and heavy yields.

It is safe and works with various trees as it does not “burn” even when used directly on your plants.

The application should be done between 1 to 2 weeks for active growth.

It works to increase the size and health within a short time from its combination of the best components in its manufacturing.

Miracle-Gro is easy to use formula as it is added to water and sprayed directly on the tree.

There are no side effects observed on the plants once applied.

A-List of The Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees on The Market

While I consider Miracle Grow Water Soluble above as the best fertilizer for orange trees, you can find some other great alternatives on the market.

These include the following.

1. Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Spikes, 12 Spikes

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees

This formula is applied once per season, mainly spring and fall, resulting to better color, shape, and structure to the young trees.

When used on your plant, it introduces a variety of nutrients that stimulate growth and development and, in the long run, yields.

It adds nutritional support directly to the roots where the tress requires it the most.

It’s made from natural ingredients, a surety of safety on the tree, and the people who eat the produce.

The application involves hammering the spikes into the ground near the plants but close to the area where the roots fall.

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Once fed into the ground, the fertilizer provides a continuous flow of nutrients to the plants giving them notable change over time.

Note that this fertilizer works best on wet soil than dry soil.

This is because the absorption rate is quicker in a wet condition.

2. Jobe’s Organics 09521 EMW7493448

This is a fast-acting product containing organic nutrients with a touch of jobe’s biozome to aggressively break down the components to give better results.

It improves the soil condition while also preventing common diseases that affect harvest and orange trees’ health.

The formula also guarantees excellent health to the tree and fruits even during the dry seasons, ensuring continuity of yields.

It contains organic elements with no addition of synthetic chemicals for the safety of the plant and the soil on which the plant grows.

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Additionally, there is an improvement in the plants’ roots and the soil around, further boosting yields.

3. Espoma PR8 8-Quart Organic Perlite

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees

The Espoma is a formula made to increase the air and water permeability, absorbing the water around the tree and slowly releasing it when it is needed.

It’s a good remedy for those seeking to prevent compaction while also loosing heavy soil.

Using this product is essential, especially if you want better development of the roots, which better the productivity of your trees.

Since it loosens the soil, there is better aeration in the soil around the orange tree plant.

Better water penetration through improved drainage, leaving only the right amount of water around the orange tree.

Being organic, the formula is safe, with no adverse effects on the tree and the soil.

4. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, 8 oz.

The Miracle-Gro gives your trees a beautiful and healthy look with this fertilizer.

It works fast to enrich the leaves’ color, which in turn helps in the development of a plant.

Your plants’ roots improve with its use adding to the size, weight, and health of the tree and its yields.

This water-soluble formula works on the roots adding nutrients that the entire plant will need to bear bigger and beautiful oranges.

It works best when used twice every two weeks when the plant is active and every 4 weeks.

5. Liquid Aerating Soil loosener

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees

Dealing with hard soil and handbags around your trees is best done with this formula made with special ingredients to enhance downward movement and thus better yields.

It detoxifies the soil around the roots by removing elements that affect growth through conditioning, leading to better roots growth.

The formula helps eliminate the waterlogging problems as it breaks soil colloids, which increases reach to essential nutrients.

This product is non-biodegradable and safe for use on your orange trees.

This fertilizer helps in nutrient absorption, resulting in greener leaves, bigger fruits, and healthy plants in your yard.

6. Jobe’s 01660 1610 0 Tree Fertilizer Spikes 16-4-4, 15

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees in Southern California

This fertilizer gives your trees a bank of nutrients with this formula, which gradually releases additional nutrients for healthy and productive growth.

The spikes are set in the ground near the young band growing roots feeding the tree with nutrients throughout the season.

These spikes have no synthetic chemicals assuring you safe growth and yields.

Results are seen quickly since it acts fast and continuously leaves the soil around the tree rich in minerals.

This fertilizer application helps cut weed and grass around the tree, leading to a reduction in the competition for nutrients.

Continued use shows an increase in the plant’s color, size, and weight from the leaves, stemming from the yields.

7. Botanicare BCCM2.5 Cal-Mag Plus

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees

Deficiencies of some essential nutrients in soil should not limit the growth and health of your orange trees.

The Botanicare is tailored to add calcium, iron, and magnesium and trace minerals in deficiency.

The formula combines safe and beneficial ingredients in its making, among them 2% nitrogen.

Besides adding deficient nutrients and minerals, it helps in combating some diseases leaving the plant healthy.

There is a quick response noted with the trees as it directly adds the minerals needed by the plant without causing side effects on the plant and its fruits.

Best Fertilizer for Orange Trees Buyer Guide

Before buying the best fertilizer for orange trees, you must always consider a couple of factors to get quality and beneficial products.

These factors include.

Nutrient composition

Fertilizers are added to the soil to better the yield through the addition of essential minerals and nutrients.

When purchasing these formulas, there is a need to look into the type of nutrients they bring with them and the soil’s inadequacy.

Preferably, take samples of the soil around and analyze it to identify what is needed and what is in excess.

It is also possible to determine the choice to buy through an analysis of the tree’s yield and general health.


At any given time, safety should always be put into consideration going for those fertilizers that are organic over the synthetic ones.

Doing so ensures that what is fed on the plant is healthy, which gives out the same when it comes to the yields harvested.

Check for standards that they have attained to determine those which are safe for use in your orchard.

Safety goes further to include you, the handler, pets, and children, especially with formula types that come in the form of sprays or water-soluble ones.

Rate of Absorption and Results

Having been taken through trials and experiments, most manufacturers give information on their reaction time estimates.

It is advisable to work with those that quickly react with the tree to give tangible results within reasonable durations.

Purchase and use those that have proof of results having been used in the past by other individuals.

However, this could be affected by elements such as soil type, climate, and plant breeds.


Irrespective of the benefits that come with a choice of fertilizer, the cost factor plays a substantial role in your choice.

Evaluate the benefits that the formula gives, comparing them with the amount spent.

The amount spent in their purchase should be equivalent or bigger on the use of a particular choice of these products.

However, this element should be used along with the others to arrive at a beneficial choice.

Final thoughts best fertilizer for orange trees

Above is a selection of the best fertilizer for orange trees.

Fertilizers improve the growth and health of orange trees delivering better yields.

However, each of the choices discussed above come with special additions to your plats.

These formulas have been uniquely manufactured, giving your orange trees the boost that they need.

In conclusion, if you still feel unable to pick these products’ best choice, try out the Miracle-Gro Water-Soluble All-Purpose Plant Food.

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