Nutgrass Killer Selective Herbicide

Nutgrass killer selective herbicide is designed to kill the nutgrass without destroying your lawn grass.

Killing the nutgrass can be hard since it neither a weed nor grass that is why you have to select the best herbicide. (source)

It is commonly found in lawn areas with poor drainage.

The nutgrass also known as nutsedge grows faster than the lawn grass and ends up ruining your lawns appearance.

The selective herbicides will help you remove the grass and prevent it from growing again.

What is the Best Nutgrass Selective Herbicide?

Gowan USA 51496 SedgeHammer is my top pick in best Nutgrass Selective Herbicide.

The Gowan USA 51496 is a perfect solution for nutsedge weeds.

The herbicide moves through the plant to the underground, so the entire weed is taken care of.

Mixing this herbicide for use is easy and straightforward.

Just add a 5 ounces packet to one gallon of water and give the solution a good shake.

For best results, ensure that you have thoroughly covered the target weeds.

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Once the spray dries, people and pets can use the area without fear of poisoning or suffering any harm.

If you are looking for a herbicide that will not damage your turfgrasses, the Gowan USA 51496 is ideal.

The selective weed killer is designed with nutgrass, especially the purple and yellow nutsedge, in mind.

A List of the Best Nutgrass Selective Herbicide

1. Image 100099405

This Image creation is another effective nutgrass selective herbicide that will help you overcome a sedge problem without too much effort on your part.

The herbicide works quickly, and within 2- days, you should start to see the sedge drying from the leaves.

If you want good results, mix the herbicide and water as instructed by the manufacturer.

Then spray enough of it in the desired area and where possible, pay attention to the sedge, so every part of this plant is covered.

While this herbicide is highly effective, you need to spray it right for it to deliver the desired results.

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Do not increase the concentration as this may harm your ornamental plants but ensure that the solution covers every inch of the sedge.

2. Sedgehammer Plus Herbicide

This Sedgehammer Herbicide can be used on ornamental turfgrass, established lawns, and landscape areas.

It is also safe to use in residential and non-residential areas, including roadsides, cemeteries, golf courses, school grounds, and sports fields.

This product contains 13.5 grams of Halosulfuron-methyl 5%. Mix the entire packet with a gallon of water.

If you buy the 1.33 oz. bottle, mix it all with 40 gallons of water.

One gallon of the herbicide solution is enough to cover about 1000 square feet.

This means that with the 1.33 oz. Bottle, you can cover 1-2 acres depending on the sedge concentration.

Once applied, it will take about a week for the leaves to start yellowing.

The plant will brown out in a few weeks, and it will not sprout again until the following year.

3. Prosedge 2 Herbicide 1.3 Ounces

Nutgrass Killer Selective Herbicide

The Prosedge herbicide is designed to kill purple, yellow nutsedge, and other broadleaf weeds without harming other plants in your lawn.

Because it comes with its own surfactant, there is no need to buy one to use with this herbicide.

Just mix the herbicide as instructed by the manufacturer and spray the solution right to get the desired results.

Results are quick, and once the solution dries, you can continue using your lawn until the nutsedge dies.

The manufacturer includes an instruction manual, so you have nothing to worry about even if you have not used this type of herbicide before.

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It’s amazing how the product delivers as promised and lets you enjoy a nutsedge-free lawn for a year or so.

4. Certainty Turf Herbicide

This is another Turf Herbicide that is effective in controlling tough weeds.

Everything from kyllinga to sedges and broadleaved weeds will be eliminated a few weeks after application.

The herbicide can be used in both commercial and residential turf. Depending on the magnitude of the weed problem, you can choose to do spot treatments or broadcast applications.

Whatever your choice, you can rest easy knowing it will take just a few weeks to enjoy a weed-free lawn.

The Certainty Turf Herbicide offers application flexibility, turf safety, and broad weed control, which explains why it stands out from the competition.

As indicated on the label, this herbicide should not be used on cool-season grass.

Water your lawn after applying the herbicide and give it a few days before mowing.

5. Blindside WDG FMC Herbicide

Nutgrass Killer Selective Herbicide

The Blindside FMC herbicide is another product that guarantees outstanding results where stubborn weeds are concerned.

It is made up of Sulfentrazone – 60% and Metsulfuron-methyl – 6%.

The herbicide comes with a measure package complete with a dosing chamber that only dispenses the right amount of product you need.

This, together with the convenient tip, makes this product user-friendly.

Use this herbicide on commercial, residential, and institutional lawns.

The fact that it works for cool-season and warm-season grass makes it the ideal choice if you have a mix of both on your lawn.

You can use the Blindside herbicide to control over 70 sedges and broadleaf weeds.

The weed-killer works quickly and just needs a few hours to dry and a few days to start seeing results.

6. Southern Ag Basagran

This Southern herbicide is made with yellow nutsedge and other broadleaf weeds in mind.

It contains 42% Bentazon, which works great in eliminating weed without ruining your turf.

You can spray the herbicide on top of several ornamental plants without having to worry about losing them.

Just water the plants after the herbicide dries to remove any residues that may compromise your plants.

With this herbicide, a little goes a long way. About ¾ oz of the herbicide will cover 1,000 square feet, and you can use a pump-up sprayer or hose end to get it to the desired areas.

The Southern Ag Basagram can be used with other weed killers like HERBI-OIL 83-17 BASAGRAN.

In case you are dealing with a stubborn weed, two applications may be necessary.

7. Roundup Lawns Concentrate

Nutgrass Killer Selective Herbicide

The Roundup Lawn concentrate kills weeds like dollarweed, clover, dandelion, and yellow nutsedge. You can use it on Centipede and Floratam, among other southern grasses.

One reason why this herbicide stands out is it kills the entire weed, including the roots.

After a single application, 93% of the weeds in your lawns will be eliminated, and you will just need to wait a few days to start seeing the desired results.

Mixing the concentrate formula is easy, and all the instructions are provided, so you have nothing to worry about if you are using this product for the first time.

The herbicide is also rainproof, and as long as 4 hours have passed since application, it will deliver excellent results even if it rains.

Nutgrass Killer Selective Herbicide Shopping Guide

When shopping for a weed killer, it is important to take your time and select a product that will deliver the results you desire.

Below are some of the factors to consider when you go selective herbicide shopping.


Selective herbicides are not created equal. Some work great for a broad range of weeds, while others are weed-specific and will only work for certain nutgrass species.

There are certain types that are made for cool-season turfgrass, while others will work for the warm-season variety.

Depending on the type of lawn grass and the weeds you are dealing with, choose a herbicide whose ingredients will deliver the results you want.

Check the label of the herbicide you plan to purchase for the ingredients.

The last thing you want to do is use the wrong option only to end up ruining your lawn.

Some selective herbicides need a surfactant while others already have this product among their ingredients.

If you go for an option without a surfactant, be sure to buy it so the herbicide will be sufficient.

Nutsedge Type

The reason why nutsedge is so hard to control is that it is neither grass nor weed.

It also grows aggressively, and a single plant can spread to a wide area if proper care is not taken.

Nutsedge also comes in many forms. To get the right herbicide, take your time to identify the nutsedge in your lawn and go for the herbicide that will adequately handle this problem.

Classifying the nutsedge is easy if you know the features to look out for.

If you have a hard time determining the species, carry a piece or two to your local herbicide shop and let the professionals tell you which selective herbicide will work for that type.

In case there are different types of weeds on your lawn, you are better off with a broad range herbicide that will kill most if not all the weeds.

You can then separately handle the nutsedge if the broad herbicide doesn’t deliver the results that you wanted.


You may not know how effective a product is without trying it, but customer reviews are an excellent place to start.

How will your nutgrass killer selective herbicide of choice handle the weed problem while ensuring your lawn grass is protected?

With most of the above herbicides, you need to wait a few days for the weeds to start drying.

The plant then continues to dry out and die completely a few weeks later.

You also need to check how the herbicide acts once it gets on the weed surface.

Some varieties travel all the way to roots, eliminating the weed.

If the weed reoccurs after a few months, you may want to choose a selective herbicide that will also kill the roots, so it will take longer for your lawn to require another application.

Final thoughts on Nutgrass Killer Selective Herbicide

From the above list I hope you are now able to choose the best nutgrass killer selective herbicide for your lawn.

Use the buyer guide to learn which factors to consider before purchasing the herbicide.

Note that the nutgrass grows fast during summer due to the heat so this is the best time to control it.

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