Top 8 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

The best organic lawn fertilizer will help you achieve the best results for your lawn seamlessly.

Why organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers give the best nutritional addition to your soil without increasing the soil’s concentration of harmful chemicals.

They bring in organic matter to your soil, bettering nutrient exchange, which also lasts longer, keeping your lawn evergreen and beautiful.

These fertilizers last for long in the soil, even with the presence of heavy rain or watering, ensuring continuity in the supply of required components for months.

Through this guide, I will help you identify the best ones in the market and point out those factors to be considered during their purchase.

What Is the Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer?

The best organic lawn fertilizer is The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer.

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

It is a type that offers you a broad spectrum of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, amino acids, potassium.

This formula guarantees extended- nutrient release without problems such as burns.

It’s a low dust and homogeneous fertilizer that  guarantees easy application.

It is also ideal for a variety of grass types with proven positive results.

It’s OMRI certified. It’s safe and environmentally friendly and won’t affect your kids, pets, and waterways.

The formula is 100% plant delivered with no biosolids, animal parts, or manure composed waste products, which gives it high-efficiency levels on your soil.

On application, they supply a considerable percentage of digestible carbon that fuels the beneficial soil microbes.

One of the things that makes this selection safe and ideal for use is that it does not contain any odors irrespective of the climate it is applied in.

Turf burning even in over application is not experienced since the ingredients are safe and have no adverse reaction with the soil.

It also generally does well in various climates, giving it a high rating in the market for this category.

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A-List of The Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer on The Market

Even with the numerous benefits experienced with Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer, one might still find it worth looking at other options in the market.

Well, here are a number of other options to look out for in the market.

1. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn food, 12.5lb.

This fertilizer provides a flow of nutrients that helps repair the damage that arises to your lawn during summer, drought, and other regular activities.

It enables the roots to take on dry weather by giving them essential nutrients for repairing and healing.

There is an increase in the ability to absorb water and nutrients in the grass on which this formula is applied.

The fertilizer is applicable over a number of grass types without adverse reactions, such as burning.

With the ability to Cover over 5,000sq. Ft, this fertilizer gives transformative results over an extensive area while ensuring uniformity to create a greener and healthy lawn.

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While using this fertilizer, it is advisable to apply water between 6 and 10 AM for better results since less water will be lost to evaporation, and the majority left for the grass.

2. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

The Scotts Turf will continuously feed your grass and eliminate weeds to deliver a beautiful lawn.

This formula is popularly known for eliminating a string of weeds to give space for healthier and green grass to beautify your lawn.

The fertilizer gives a supply of ingredients that better the lawn while giving it an immunity to stand against harsh winter conditions.

It works best when applied in fall to give results in spring.

The fertilizer clears dandelions and also guarantees clover satisfaction.

The fertilizer improves soils ability to absorb water giving the grass ability to survive severe conditions.

The best results with this fertilizer are seen when it is applied to damp grass as it increases the rate of their absorption.

On application, there is notable change through the removal of patches that come as a result of weeds and diseases.

3. Scotts Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn Sun and Shade, 12 lb.

This fertilizer is a combination of ingredients that improve the condition of thin lawns.

It comes with seeds to fill empty spaces on your lawn out of weed or any other human activity that could have led to similar losses.

The product is an essential ingredient for improving the grass through the supply of the needed ingredients and nutrients.

Apart from improving the grass spread, it betters the already present grass through thickening of the grass by boosting their mineral and nutrient intake.

The product helps the grass fight common diseases bettering its health for greener, thicker, and well-spread lawns.

It is also an e4asy to use formula applicable with technologies such as My lawn app for consistent and systematic results.

4. Jobe’s Organics 09521 EMW7493448

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Being listed as an OMRI certified fertilizer, this is one of the best fertilizers to improve the look on your lawn.

It improves the grass’s ability to restore, maintain, and enhance the soil, which ensures better lawns.

With this product, the grass gets stronger roots to boost its nutrients intake and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

The fertilizer is biodegradable and environmentally friendly making it safe for the grass, soil, pets, and children.

It has biozome, which is a combination of a number of healthy bacteria that improve the soil’s long-term quality for better lawns.

Resistance against pests, diseases, drought, and other harsh conditions is created on the grass with the use of this product.

Results with this fertilizer are quickly noticed and also last for long.

5. Espoma PR8 8-Quart Organic Perlite

Soil aeration is essential, which makes this fertilizer the best choice for removing had pans and improving aeration.

It does wonders through making the soil around the grass less compact and bettering the drain ability.

Through making the soil softer and increasing the drain ability, the roots penetrate deeper and freely to reach the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

It absorbs the water around the roots and then slowly releases it for the plant hence keeping it ever fed even in dry conditions.

The fertilizer additionally eliminates soil compaction that comes about as a result of continuous watering on your lawn.

With the soil better aerated and the roots freely reaching for nutrients, the grass regains health and shape, beautifying the lawn.

6. Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

The fertilizer is an excellent remedy to hard and poorly aerated soil that could be inhibiting the growth of the grass on your lawn.

It enhances the soil structure through loosening soil and breaking the hardpan facilitating the downward movement of grass roots and water.

This formula detoxifies the soil removing harsh chemicals and harmful elements that slow the growth of grass and its health.

The fertilizer improves soil drainage, reducing waterlogging problems that limits grass’s growth speed.

Improved the soil’s improved aeration helps the grassroots to readily absorb water and nutrients required for greener and sturdy grass.

7. Scotts Turf Builder

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

If you are struggling to put up a new lawn healthy and in shape, consider Scotts Turf Builder.

It provides a continuous supply of nutrients that enable roots to grow strong and absorb nutrients with ease.

The product gives quick results with notable changes in the grass’s thickness and strength, enabling better nutrient intake.

The product is ideal for balancing the nutrient intake in your lawn.

It is safe for use over any type of grass, having been manufactured from natural ingredients.

Additionally, the grass builds better immunity against common diseases and conditions that usually affect growth during the early stages of growth.

Best organic lawn fertilizer buyer guide

There are several factors to consider before buying organic lawn fertilizer. Below are some of the most important factors to ensure that you get the best organic lawn fertilizer that meets your lawn nutrients requirements.


Most of them come in the form of pellets making applications generally easy but also time-consuming.

However, keep in mind the method of applying your choice takes, including elements such as amounts.

Choose that which is easily applied and check for any additional information such as the duration that comes with them for satisfactory results.

Nutrients composition.

Pick the alternative that has the nutrient composition required by your soil type and plants.

Aim for those give a slow release of nutrients but over an extended time.

This ensures even distribution throughout the season.

They come in handy in ensuring healthy and slow growth, reducing the need to regularly cut it as seen with synthetic fertilizers.

Your choice should consider a composition that is balanced but able to give a constant flow of nutrients.

Soil type

Organic fertilizers are developed to give the natural ingredients required for growth to plants.

However, the soil type could be a huge deterrent to achieving the same objective if there is no clarity of the type and its composition.

Study your soil to establish what bis needed and in what amounts as soil types have variations.

Understanding the type of soil is important.

It ensures that fertilizer choice is beneficial to the plants and does not bring about deficiencies and excess nutrients.


An application of these products is geared towards seeing faster results compared to letting the grass grow naturally.

Work with the selection that will deliver the desired results within the shortest time possible and over a continuous period.

Check with the manufacturer the estimates of application duration and the expected time to notice the change.

While soils differ, the bottom line is that the results need to be seen within satisfactory duration from the application.


Lastly, when choosing the fertilizer to use for your lawn, factor in its availability.

Work with the choice that is available in the market for sale since some do run out of stock.

Consider checking with the manufacturer or seller its availability and the ability to reach your destination with ease.

Look for those that are within your reach and which you can get with minimal struggle.

Final thoughts on the best organic lawn fertilizer

In conclusion, above are some of the best organic lawn ferilizer (s) on the market. The application of any of the above organic lawn fertilizers has high possibilities of doing wonders to your lawn.

These fertilizers works differently with different benefits and no side effects on your grass and the soil.

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