How to Hang a Tree Swing on an Angled Branch in simple steps

How to hang a tree swing on an angled branch can be tricky at times.

Everyone would love to have a nice and perfect swing at their home for their kids.

Swings are very beneficial to kids when growing up especially in brain development.(source)

Adults can also use swings to relax and enjoy cool breezes during a hot day.

However, not all homes have trees will have branches positioned in the right location perfect for a swing.

Even though installing a swing seems to be a simple task, it will become a bit complicated when it comes to angled branches.

This article gives steps that will guide you when hanging a swing on angled branch in your home.

There are two major types of tree swings that is single tree swing and double tree swing.

In case of high branches, use a ladder to reach them and make sure you are using a strong rope to make your swing.

Which Swing is Easier on an Angled Branch?

Single tree swings are easy and convenient even in angled branches.

When it comes to double tree swings, they can also be installed but you have to be keen when doing it.

How to hang a single tree swing on an angled branch

Hanging a single tree swing on an angled branch is a simple task. The basic thing you need is a super strong rope that cannot cut easily.

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Step 1

The first step is to locate a strong and healthy branch that can support adult weight.

A polypropylene or polyester rope is the best when it comes to swings.

The initial step is to tie the rope from one end leaving the second end hanging.

In cases where the branch of interest is too high on the tree, you will have to use a ladder and a pole.

In such situations, ensure you leave an opening in the knot for fitting the pole to easily extend the rope to the branch.

step 2

How To Hang A Tree Swing On An Angled Branch

Determine the width for your swing and locate two points on the angled branch where you will hang the swing.

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Drill a hole vertically on the branch at each of the two points.

Place a level with one end below the branch at the lowest hole then extend it until it’s under the higher hole on the angled branch.

Step 3

Measure the interval between top of the level and bottom part of the second hole.

Measuring allows you install the swing in a way that both the ropes will bend at one point.

If don’t balance the distance, the swing will be crooked once you push it which can be dangerous.

Cut a 1-inch PVC pipe and note that its diameter has to be diameter of the branch plus 1-inch then add the offset length between the two holes.

For instance, 8-inch diameter branch and a 4-inch offset requires a pipe 13 –inches long.

Step 4

Make a hole across top of the pipe 1/2- inch down with a bit of 3/8 –inch.

Use a long nut and bolt that perfectly fits the holes and fasten it for safety purposes.

Drill the higher hole on the branch with 1-inch bit then place the pipe under this hole with the small holes on top then push it through the branch.

Once the small holes come on the other side of the branch, stop pushing.

Step 5

Place the long bolt through the bottom hole then secure it with large washers and nut it on the top.

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Run one rope through the PVC pipe inside the branch then tie a knot above the pipe.

Before you take out the slack, take a long bolt and nut it across the top of the pipe.

The bolt will ensure the pipe does not slip out of the tree while holding the rope knot in the right position.

How To Hang A Tree Swing On An Angled Branch

Step 6

Tie the other rope to the eye bolt, level the bottoms then tie it on the swing. This way, the fulcrum point at the top is balanced and your swing is ready for use.

In case you want a swing suing a single rope, you don’t have to struggle with the offset pipe because you will only need a single attachment point on the angled branch.


  • There is no extra lumber required
  • The swing hangs perfectly with no twists
  • It functions with hard to use branches

On the downside is that you require more time and effort to install.

Final Thoughts on How To Hang A Tree Swing On An Angled Branch

Knowing how to hang a tree swing on an angled branch is important if you want to have one in your home compound.

Angled branches can be used to make both kid’s and adult swings as long as it is strong enough.

Never install a swing on a weak or broken branch for safety purposes.

I hope information in this article will be useful to you if you are looking forward to installing a swing on angled branch.

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  1. Thanks for these tips on double tree swing sets I just got the rope swings and these tips surely will come in handy when I set it up later for the kids! This is definitely going to be lots of fun!


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