What to Do With Wood Chips From Chipper

Wondering what to do with wood chips from chipper? Worry no more because, in this article, I’ve listed a number of ways you can make good use of your wood chips.

Some people take these chips for granted and see them as waste that should be disposed; well, that’s not the case.

The truth is that they are very useful in homes or even commercial places.

You don’t have to leave piles of wood chips lying in your yard when you can use them to solve some problems.

It saves you money and can also earn some cash in the long run.

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What To Do With Wood Chips From Chipper

1. Use for Mulching

Wood chips from chipper can be used as mulch for your plants to avoid excess evaporation.

This way, the plants absorb more water, which means less watering.

The mulch regulates the soil temperature keeping the plants healthy throughout the season.

Another advantage of mulching is that it helps keep weeds away from your plants and garden.

Use more than one layer to discourage weeds and keep moisture for a longer period. (Source)

The mulch helps you the effort and money of buying weed killers.

2. Use in Preparing Compost

Wood chips from chipper can be used together with other compostable materials to make manure.

Once you mix them, keep the mixture in a warm place for faster decomposition.

The compostable materials help speed up the decomposition process, so you don’t have to wait for long.

You only have to wait for around 2 weeks to use it in your garden or plants.

Ensure the wood chips are small in size for faster rotting.

It saves the hustle and money of having to buy fertilizer to apply to your garden.

This is an excellent method to reuse your chips, provided you add a little at a time during the process.

3. Use in Walkways and Paths

What to Do With Wood Chips From Chipper

Walkways and paths are perfect areas to use your wood chipper, especially if it is too much.

It is also a way of keeping your shoes mud-free during the rainy season.

They keep weeds away from the pathways distinguishing the path from other parts of your yard.

It is advisable to use more than two layers to form a perfect walkway that can last longer.

Note that you’ve to top up the wood chips once they decompose.

4. Use as Livestock Bedding

You can recycle your idle wood chips by using them to serve as your livestock bedding.

Inspect the chips keenly to check for sharp objects that may be dangerous to your livestock.

To be sure, consult experts before using any wood chips as bedding.

These chips reduce mud and keep the animals warm at night or during cold seasons.

5. Use in Poor Drainage Areas

Another way on what to do with wood chips from chipper is to spread them in areas with poor drainage around your yard.

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The chips will cover the muddy areas reducing the mud in the area.

They raise the area, which discourages water stagnation at those points.

6. Use For Lighting Charcoal

Wood chips can be used as an alternative for a liquid lighter when lighting up charcoal.

They can also be used as fuel in small stoves to cook meals or provide warmth.

The larger chips are the best or a mixture for lighting the charcoal to avoid burning out fast before the charcoal light.

Unlike liquid lighter, the wood chips have no unpleasant odor that may remain in your clothes or food.

7. Use in Playgrounds

What to Do With Wood Chips From Chipper

Wood chips can also be used in children’s playground to act as a cushion.

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This ensures that the children and other people are safe and don’t get injured easily.

They reduce the slipperiness of the ground, especially in muddy spots.

Use the smaller wood chips since they are safer and give more comfort.

Apply multiple layers for effectiveness and extra comfort.

Make sure you top up from time to time, especially if you notice that they’ve started decaying.

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8. Make pressed wood

Pressed wood can be used in a number of ways, which include making wood pallets.

They are easy to make, and with little training, anyone can learn the skills.

The pressed wood can also be used to make affordable furniture for use at home.

9. Erosion Control

Wood chips from chipper can be used to reduce soil erosion especially caused by wind and water.

This is a temporary solution while looking for a long-term one.

Keep the chips moist to ensure they are heavier to be blown by the wind.

Once you get the permanent solution to the soil erosion, remove the wood chip and add them to your composite heap.

Alternatively, you can use it as garden mulch to retain moisture after watering.

You can use it in your garden during the rainy season to prevent soil from being eroded out.

Even though they don’t prevent erosion 100% during heavy rains, they help to some extent.

The only downside is that it will keep off the grass from growing.

10. Use for Smoking and Grilling Food

Wood chips can be used alternatively to grill and smoke food in case you’ve no charcoal.

Be sure to remove any debris or dead leaves from the chips or any other foreign substances present.

Removing them helps avoid excess smoke or weird smell during grilling.

You can either soak them in water before use or use them fresh wrapped in aluminum foil.

If used in aluminum foil, make some holes on it.

11. Use to Manufacture Bio-Fuel

Wood chips can be processed using specific enzymes to turn them into fuel.

The best part is that they are eco-friendly, making them perfect for use as regular fuel.

This fuel is effective and reliable as it burns stronger than some other types of fuels.

However, processing wood chips to bio-fuel is not an easy task and requires practice, time, and equipment.

It is an excellent project if you’ve got a lot of idle wood chips.


Above are some of the ways on what to do with wood chips from chipper either at home or commercial places.

Be sure what size of chips to use in different places for various purposes.

I hope you put good use to your wood chips since they will save you a lot in the long run.

If you’ve maximally used the wood chips and don’t need them anymore, you can look for a buyer.

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