Painted Countertops Durability: How Durable?

How is the painted countertops durability?

The kitchen is one of the commonly used rooms in a house.

Over time, the countertops start fading and looking old, and one starts thinking of giving it a new look.

Tastes may also change, and the need to start something different comes to mind.

You don’t have to rip off the kitchen to give your countertops a new different look.

With some innovation and reinvention, you can get the look you have been admiring.

Countertops and cabinets make the most of the kitchen, and with some creativity, you can change your kitchen’s look.

Painting the countertops is one way to give them a different look and make them last for several years.

Painted countertops are more durable than plain ones, provided you apply a strong topcoat sealant.

This not only gives you counter an appealing look but also away you’ll be sure your kitchen is protected from wear and tear.

How to Ensure Painted Countertops Durability

Purchasing new countertops is a little bit expensive, and that’s where painting comes in.

There are three important things you will be requiring.

Primer: Foundation

Before applying the primer coat, make sure you’ve prepared the counters by wiping, scrubbing, and drying.

If you are not planning to paint all the counter areas, use tape to cover the areas you’ll not be painting.

For instance kitchen faucets, sink edges, or stove tops

Once you are through with preparation, you can now apply the primer.

Primer provides a good base and helps paint to stick well on the surface.

You can use a roller or paintbrush to apply the primer.

Give it some minutes to dry to get a good paint foundation before painting.


Many different colors can make your countertops look amazing without breaking banks.

In case you’ve leftover paint, you used in other areas, good for you.

Alternatively, there are affordable acrylics in the market that can be an excellent choice.

They come in different shades and colors to choose from.

On the other hand, there are paints specifically designed for countertops, but that does not mean they are durable than ordinary paint.

If you are on a fixed budget, go for the normal paint because the results will all be the same.

You can apply the same shade on all the counters or use different shades depending on your taste and preference.

Sealant: for durability

Sealing is the last step and the most important that determines the painted countertop durability.

You have to purchase a high-quality sealant for your paint to last longer.

A high-quality sealant keeps the counters shiny and safe for many years.

A sealant is a thick product that needs to be poured onto the countertop then make it smooth

I would recommend Environmental Technology High Gloss Finish

It is a high gloss component with a polymer coating.

A single coat is equivalent to 50 coats of varnish, and it beautifies and preserves your countertops.

The sealant is a waterproof and solvent-free formula.

It is also heat and alcohol resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the cooking heat.

A 32-ounce kit can cover an area of about 8 square feet.

It cures to a thick, glossy coating in 8 hours and attains full strength and toughness in 48 hours.

There no polish needed to give a high gloss finish.

One coat is usually enough, but you can wipe the surface with a clean cloth and alcohol prior if you want to apply another coat.

Important Application Tips

Painted Countertops Durability

Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Patience is the key virtue during the application of the paint coats, primer, and sealant.

Let every coat dry before adding the next one for a smooth and shiny finish.

Maintain and Take Care Of The Painted Countertops For Durability

As I mentioned earlier, the kitchen is a very busy room with hot utensils, knives, and a lot of chopping

For your kitchen counters to endure all the activities, below are some of the tips.

  •       Keep the counters clean

Always keep the kitchen counter surfaces clean.

Avoid using harsh cleaning pads or detergent, e.g., those with bleach. They can cause damage to the top coat of your counters that you spend a lot of time and money to make.

  •    Take simple precautions

Following simple precautions in the kitchen will save you a lot.

Some of the simple precautions include using a chopping board when cutting ingredients.

This ensures the knives do not cut the counter surface directly, which may leave marks on them.

The other thing is to avoid placing hot pans directly on the countertop surfaces.

Use a cloth or potholder to avoid burning the surface and increase your painted countertops durability.

  • Keep an eye on the edges and corners

Always look out for edges, especially if you have rectangular edges instead of round.

They are vulnerable to getting chipped off, and if this happens, hold the chips together using paint, then seal them once more.

  • Reseal

Over time, you may notice that the countertops are not shiny as the first day you painted.

Reseal the counters to restore the shiny appearance on your countertops.

Make sure you clean the tops first before adding the sealant to get a smooth finish.

Final Thoughts

Your maintenance determines the painted countertops durability.

Painted countertops give your kitchen a fresh new look on a low budget.

You can do the painting yourself and so no need to pay someone to do the work for you.

There are skills or experience needed for the task.

Take all the precautions in the steps to get a smooth finish.

Allow the coats to dry before applying the next coat.

Take good care of your countertops by avoiding placing hot pans or utensils directly on the surface.

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