How To Stop Neighbors Dog from Peeing in My Yard

It can be very frustrating if you have a neighbor with a dog that pees in your yard.

I am a dog owner. I know that sometimes my dog may not be able to hold it in, and they might pee somewhere outside of the designated area.

But it’s really frustrating when your neighbor’s dog does this.

Dog urine has an ammonia-like odor and contains bacteria like E. coli or Salmonella, making humans sick if they come into contact with it. (Source)

And while most people enjoy seeing dogs outside playing, nobody wants to see them urinating on their property.

Luckily, there are ways that we can try and prevent this problem from happening.

This blog post will discuss the different things you should do to keep their pet off your property.

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Why Do Dogs Pee on The Grass?

Dogs may be marking their territory for several reasons, either to create a familiar scented area around their home or to establish some type of dominance over that particular area.

This territorial behavior is especially common in male dogs, although it is done by both genders.

A dog will mark their territory as a way of saying “I was here!” using urine and various odors from glands on the feet.

Urine, when deposited on another’s lawn or garden, has two purposes:

1) it gets rid of waste material (urine contains urea which actually fertilizes plants);

2) it leaves an olfactory message telling other dogs, “I have been here!” Male dogs are incredibly territorial, whereas female dogs are more likely to do their marking in estrus.

Is It Illegal for A Dog to Pee on Someone’s Lawn?

Yes, it is a civil issue and can be pursued in small claims court.

Usually, anything under $1500 and less than 6 months old (the time limit).

The person would need to prove that they own the house, that you/your dog did damage to their property by peeing on it, and that the cost of repairs was under $1500.

It can be considered trespassing which often results in fines or even arrest.

Dog owners are liable for the actions of their dogs and must clean up any messes they leave behind.

How to Stop Neighbors Dog from Peeing in my Yard

If you’re tired of your neighbor’s dog peeing in your yard, below are some tips that will help you deal with the problem once and for all.

Talk To Your Neighbor

Before you take any drastic measure, it’s important to talk to your neighbor about the dog situation.

Most likely, the dog may have escaped their compound or probably come off its leash and ended up in your lawn.

If you spot your neighbour’s dog in your yard more than once, why not approach your neighbours politely.

Likely, the owner doesn’t know that their dog’s been to your yard on several occasions.

If they are responsible neighbors, they will do whatever it takes to keep the dog out of your yard forever.

If your conversation with your neighbor fell on deaf ears, then it’s time to take drastic measures highlighted below.

Try Natural Dog Repellent

Dog urine repellent is a great way to keep dogs off your lawn.

Many dog repellent home remedies will not harm dogs or the grass.

However, the most popular is using vinegar because it does no damage and it’s very cheap.

-There are also other natural ways of keeping dogs away from certain areas, such as placing orange peels around the area you wish to keep your dog from.

-This will also repel skunks, rabbits and other animals that may be a nuisance.

There are many different animal repellent sprays out on the market as well if vinegar is not for you.

Just remember to read all labels before using any chemical or natural product around your property.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

You could probably install a motion-activated sprinkler around the area where you spot your neighbor’s dog frequently visiting.

Just remember that the sprinkler will be activated whenever it senses motion around the area where it’s installed.

It’ll also help keep other small rodents and intruders from your property.

Build a Fence

Building a small fence or alternatively installing a series of pathway lights around your yard should help keep your neighbor’s dog from your property.

How To Keep Dogs From Peeing on Grass

There are several ways to keep your dog from peeing on the grass or on someone’s else lawn. They include:

1. Potty Area

The first and most important step you can take is ensuring that your pet always has access to a “potty area.”

This should be some type of grassy area where he/she can go when they need to relieve themselves.

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It may be difficult for them to hold their urine if they have not been accustomed to using a potty area at an early age.

In addition, the size of the space your pet uses for this purpose should be no larger than 10’x10′. It would not hurt you or your pet if the patch was smaller, but then there is a greater chance of getting soiled and needing replacement.

Of course, if your pet is neutered or spayed, they will have a much more difficult time controlling themselves from urinating.

2. Have your dog Desexed

As a last resort, you can have your pet “desexed” if they are a male and has not yet been done so.

Females will be spayed during this process, so you will have to weigh the benefits of each gender before making a final decision on this matter.

You need to do it as early as possible; otherwise, your pet may develop some bad habits (marking territory) that are more difficult for you to correct after puberty (4-6 months).

There are some cases where pets will mark their territory even after being fixed.

These animals tend to be territorial by nature and cannot be corrected easily using any methods described here; consult with your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist for specific cases.

3. Keep Your Dog in Kennel

When you cannot watch your dog, put it in a crate or some other type of confinement area.

This may be something as simple as putting the animal in the garage with food and water, or it could mean building a small pen outside for them that has an indoor shelter.

If you do allow your pet to roam free throughout the house while you’re gone, only confine him/her when absolutely necessary (going to work, sleeping at night etc.).

Make sure that they are provided with several potty areas throughout the house so that he/she can relieve themselves as necessary.

On How to Stop Neighbor’s Dog from Peeing in My Yard

Above are some of the best methods on how you can stop your neighbor’s dog from peeing in your yard.

I have also highlighted other methods that will help you keep your dog from peeing in your neighbor’s lawn as a pet parent.

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