How to Fix a Stripped Screw Hole In Metal Door

Are you looking for ways on how to fix a stripped screw hole in metal door?

When loosening or fastening a screw on a metal door, it’s possible to mistake, and the screw head comes off.

Even when you try maneuvering with a screwdriver, it will get in.

So how will you fix a stripped screw hole in a metal door?

To fix the hole, use the screwdriver to hold, then loosen it. The other option is to fill the hole then repaint the door.

Alternatively, weld a nut into the stripped screw, then remove it with a socket wrench.

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Causes of a Stripped Screw

A stripped screw is simply a screw whose head has come off, making it hard to remove using a screw driver.

A screwdriver will only work if it fits onto the head of the screw.

Once a screw loses the head, the screwdriver has no use on it.

The stripped head is common in do-it-yourself home projects that need screws.

Let’s look at some of the causes of stripped screws.

Use Of Incorrect Tools

A mistake is likely to occur using a substandard screw and a poor quality screw, leading to a stripped screw.

This might also happen if you use screwdrivers that are too small or large for the screw you are working on.

Using an odd angle when working with the screwdriver can also lead to stripped screws.

When you use the right screwdriver to tighten or loosen, there wouldn’t be any problem removing the screw.

Proper screwdrivers have metal shafts that are resistant to bending and are easy to turn.

Over-tightening a screw

Over-tightening is another common cause of a stripped screw.

Once the screw is already fastened, you should not continue tightening it further; otherwise, you’ll end up damaging it.

Even turning the screw two extra rounds can cause the head to come off.

Also, do not try tightening an already stripped screw; otherwise, you’ll make it worse.

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Use Of Improper Drills

Using an incorrect drill when creating a hole for the screw can also lead to a stripped screw.

An improper drill will make a non-fitting hole on the metal door, becoming a problem during fastening.

Once a screw is not well fastened on the hole, it’s likely to get stripped when external pressure is applied.

How To Fix A Stripped Screw Hole In Metal Door

There are several things you can do to fix a stripped screw hole in metal door.

Let’s get started;

1. Fill The Hole With Another Screw

To fill the hole, use a screw that is larger than the stripped one.

With the use of a screwdriver, slowly maneuver the new screw into the stripped screw hole.

You’ll have to put more effort to see whether the large screw will fit into the stripped hole securely.

If the larger screw fits onto the stripped hole well and it can loosen when you turn it, then your method has worked.

However, if you notice you are making a bigger hole in the door, don’t continue with the method.

2. Use A Tap And Die Set

How to Fix a Stripped Screw Hole In Metal Door

This method needs the correct measurements of the screw hole you are working on and a high-quality tap handle.

·         Measure the outer diameter and thread count of the hole

The first step involves calculating the correct size of the hole, i.e. the outer diameter and its thread count.

To find the diameter, you can measure the width of the hole or the screw.

On the other hand, Thread count can be determined by measuring the number of threads on the screw.

·         Install the tap into the tap handle

Once you have the correct measurements, you can now choose the right tap size and install it in its handle.

During this step, avoid touching the taps with bare hands since they are sharp to cause accidents.

·         Insert the tap into the hole

This step involves setting the correct tap to the handle then put it on the thread or hole you are fixing.

Most screws are right-handed, and I assume you are using one.

Rotate the tap into the screw after inserting it into the hole.

·         Rotate according to the rule

Keep rotating the handle up to 3/4th of the hole length, then change direction from clockwise to anti-clockwise.

·         Keep on repeating the process

Once you are through with rotating, check to see whether the screw is getting in the hole.

If not, repeat the previous step until you can insert the screw.

Once the screw gets into the hole perfectly, you can now take the tap handle out of the screw hole.

Method 2: Use a Helicoil insert

This method is best if the screw hole is bent or damaged.

It involves drilling out the original screw then drilling new screw holes on the metal door.

After acquiring the Helicoil insert kit, follow the steps below to fix the stripped screw hole.

·         Prepare the damaged hole

Remove all dust particles in the hole before inserting the kit.

To ensure that there are no particles left, blow the hole.

·         Look for the right size of the Helicoil insert

This step involves choosing the right size of the insert to use.

The depth of the Helicoil insert is at least ¼-1/2 turn below the top of the initial one.

Once you’ve got the right size of the Helicoil, remove the fastener from the hold.

·         Drill out the old screw hole

Using a drill machine, drill out the damaged screw hole.

While drilling, ensure the drill passes through to the bottom of the hole to install the new helicoil insert easily.

·         Thread it with a tap set

In this step, you’ll require a high-quality tap set of the correct size. The tap set will help you cut threads on a specific hole.

Determine the correct measurements, then follow the steps in method one to get some clue on cutting threads with a tap.

·         Install the Helicoil insert

This step is based on the type of threads you’ve cut where there can be two options, fine thread or course thread cut.

If it’s fine thread cuts, you’ll install the pre-coil tool in the Helicoil insert kit.

Pre-coil is a tool that compresses the insert to the right size to stay in its correct size.

Thread -cut the tool into the pre-coil body and spinning until it’s fully threaded.

·         Remove the tang

Use a punch to remove the tang from the tanged insert.

Ensure the punch you choose fits into the Helicoil insert you are using.

What you do is take the punch then put it in the insert until it meets the tang.

Once it reaches the tang, hit the punch using a hammer to pop the tang out.

You will through with Helicoil insert application.

Final thoughts

You now have some idea on how to fix a stripped screw hole in metal door.

The processes are a bit technical, especially if you are a beginner.

Choose between the two methods, or you can try both of them in different screw holes.

Lubricating the hole with oil and blowing it out to remove any particles makes the fixing process easy.

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