Reasons why a Dryer Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

Having a dryer that shuts off after a few minutes? Worry no more!

A clothes dryer machine is an essential appliance in a home, and it can be a headache when it does not function as expected.

Like any other appliance, dryers experience problems; that’s why you should inspect and service them from time to time.

I will discuss causes of your dryer shutting off a few minutes after starting.

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Reasons Why Dryer Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

1. Loose Or Defective Power Cord

A broken or loose power cord affect the performance of the dryer.

Closely inspect the power cord and make sure you’ve attached it firmly to the socket.

If the cord has exposed wires, it may need to be replaced since it can’t provide enough power to the dryer causing it to shut off a few minutes.

2. Blocked vent

Dryer vents are for allowing hot air generated to escape.

When the vent is blocked, the thermal overload switch activates to prevent a fire hazard.

The main cause of a blocked vent is accumulated lint in the vent tube.

The dryer vent should be cleaned after some months of using the machine to prevent excess accumulation.

You can easily clean the lint from the vent using a leaf blower.

If the dryer still shuts off after a few minutes after cleaning the vent, then look for another culprit.

3. Overheating Motor

Dryer Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

An overheating motor can also be a reason why the dryer shuts off after a few minutes.

This mostly happens when the motor is faulty, old or is worn out.

In many cases, the motor will produce a loud buzzing sound before it stops.

The dryer may restart itself after it has cooled down, but the problem is most likely to worsen with time.

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You will have to replace the motor with a new one.

Call an expert to do the replacement for you or follow the steps below to do it yourself.

  • Disconnect the power cable
  • Pull the machine away from the wall
  • Remove the lower access panel In case your dryer has it.
  • Remove the lint filter and the screws below it.
  • Remove the upper panel
  • Disconnect wires doing to the door switch and remove the front panel
  • Use one hand to hold the idler pulley, then push it back and slip the belt off the motor pulley using the other hand.
  • Lift the idler pulley from the mounting bracket and leave the drum’s belt after removing the drum from the cabinet.
  • Cipher where the wires connect to the motor, then remove them
  • loosen the blower wheel, then allow it to rest inside.
  • Now install your new motor and start working backwards to reassemble the dryer.

4.      Moisture sensor

A dryer should be able to detect when the laundry has dried and when wet using a moisture sensor.

When the moisture sensor is faulty, it can cause the dryer to shut off after a few minutes.

If the sensor is dirty or defective, it will not detect moisture, so it sends a signal to the dryer to shut off before the laundry is dry.

5.      Door Latch

When the door is not firmly closed, the dryer will not work as expected.

In the middle of the drying cycle, the moving laundry may push the door open, causing the dryer to stop.

The issue may be the door strike, door catch or the door switch.

You can fix the door strike and door catch yourself, but if you find that the problem is the door switch, you will have to call an electrical expert to fix it.

·  Door switch

The door switch is for detecting whether the door is closed or open.

A faulty door switch may show the door is open when it closed and vice versa.

It may also allow the dyer to keep running even when the door is open.

The door catch is a part of the door latch attached to the front panel or sometimes to the door.

Once the door is closed, the door catch encloses and grips the door strike usually mounted across it.

Its tension prevents the door from opening until you manually open it.

If the door can’t latch closed even when the strike is intact, it’s time to replace the catch.

Also, if the door catch holds the door intact at the start of the cycle but doesn’t hold to the end of the cycle, replace it.

· Door strike

On the other hand, a door strike is a part of the door latch assembly attached either to the door or front panel.

When you close the door, it Is pushed into the spring-loaded door catch mounted on the door across it.

The tension of the catch keeps the door shut until it is manually opened.

In case you notice that the door strike is damaged, replace it.

The strike may hold the door intact at the start of the cycle but may not hold it until the cycle is over.

5. The dryer timer

Dryer Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

The dryer timer is located on the control panel to set the drying time easily.

There is a small motor at the back of the timer that updates the timer during the cycle.

The timer’s cameras open and close to contacts or switch to operate electro-mechanical components inside the dryer.

The main components are the heating element and drive motor.

When you notice that the contacts are not working as expected, then it’s time to replace the timer.

Note that the dryer cannot complete the cycle if the timer does not advance.

6. Poor Maintenance

Like any other machine, a clothes dryer requires regular maintenance to keep it working effectively.

Maintenance includes removing the lint from the vent tubes and inspecting various parts like the power cord and door latch.

As I mentioned earlier, a clogged vent tube will cause overheating that signals the thermal fuse causing the dryer to stop.

Clean the cabinet and the inside drum with a soapy washcloth.

Final Thoughts On Dryer Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

Above are some of the common reasons why the dryer shuts off after a few minutes.

Start by looking for the most obvious reasons before going to the advanced.

Ensure you do regular maintenance to your drying machine so that it can serve you for long.

Frequently inspect the dryer to notice any damaged part early.

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