Where to Buy Sod? Sod for Sale Near Me

Where to Buy Sod

In this guide, I’ll show you where to buy Sod and some of the most effective ways to ensure that you save money when buying it. One of the best advantages of buying sod is ensuring that your lawn is established as quick as possible. Sod will give you instant grass; the moment is installed. … Read more

Signs of A Busted Water Heater: Early Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Signs of A Busted Water Heater (2)

Most water heaters have an average lifetime of around 10-15 years without the need for replacement. Signs of a busted water heater can be quite devastating, especially if you’re running an eatery or an apartment building. For the effective running of the business, hot water serves a critical role in the dishwashing and showers; the … Read more

How Long Do Trampolines Last: 1 or 5 Years?

How Long Do Trampolines Last

The answer to how long do trampolines last largely depends on several factors, how you maintain it, and the quality of its parts. If the trampoline is older, you may need to get a new one, mainly because of safety concerns. Also, if you use it regularly, its lifespan will be shorter. (*) Conducting regular … Read more

Shooting Squirrels in Backyard: Is it Legal or Illegal?

Can You Eat Squirrel from Your Backyard?

Now that you’ve spotted some squirrels in your backyard, what’s next? Before taking out your rifle, you should first confirm whether it’s illegal or legal to shoot squirrels in the garden. Once you familiarize yourself with the law, you can decide on the best course of action concerning the squirrels. However, you must first confirm … Read more

Can You Eat Squirrel from Your Backyard?

Can I have a Shipping Container in My Backyard?

Can you eat squirrel from your backyard? It’s a common question people often ask in online forums. And the answer on whether it is possible to eat a squirrel you’ve hunted from your backyard is yes. However, you should consider things such as whether it is legal to hunt squirrels in your area. You should … Read more

Can I have a Shipping Container in My Backyard?

Can I have a Shipping Container in My Backyard?

Can I have a shipping container in my backyard? This was one of the main questions I had after purchasing my new home. Have you ever wondered why many of your friends and neighbors have shipping containers in their backyards? Well, the reason is due to the many benefits it offers. Shipping containers are affordable … Read more