How Long Do Trampolines Last: 1 or 5 Years?

The answer to how long do trampolines last largely depends on several factors, how you maintain it, and the quality of its parts.

If the trampoline is older, you may need to get a new one, mainly because of safety concerns. Also, if you use it regularly, its lifespan will be shorter. (*)

Conducting regular checkups on the trampoline will also increase its lifespan. You will be able to spot any issues and fix them early enough.

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How Long Do Trampolines Last

1.   Jumping Mat

The trampoline jumping mat is the most important and most used part of the trampoline.

The weight put on the mat, and the constant jumping can decrease the lifespan of the mat.

The maximum number of years that the trampoline can last is 5.

However, the years can be less depending on how regularly it is used.

The mat’s material also affects how long the trampoline can last.

The material used in the making of the mats is artificial fiber such as polyethylene and nylon.

These materials are densely woven, which means they can endure constant jumping.

The fibers are also protected against UV rays; this helps prevent fading when used outside.

The material is also smooth to ensure a person is comfortable and protected.

Trampoline mats also come with a warranty which can be for a few months or even up to five years.

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However, the mats can wear out quickly compared to other parts, which are why you have to take preventive measures. The actions include not jumping with shoes.

If you notice holes on the mat, it may be time to replace them.

The holes indicate that the fibers wearing out.

If you decide to replace the mat, you should consider its size and shape.

How Long Do Trampolines Last

2.   The Frame

The trampoline frame being the essential part of the trampoline is the strongest and the most durable.

However, that doesn’t mean it lasts forever.

The frame has a round bar made from galvanized steel with added on legs.

The attached legs support the mat and also give the trampoline its structure.

A good quality frame will ensure the trampoline last for years.

The toughness of the material ensures that it withstands harsh conditions except for natural disasters.

However, in case there is a need to replace the frame, it will be due to prolonged exposure to rust.

So when shopping for a trampoline or its frame, ensure you got that which is rust-resistant.

Like the jumping mat, trampoline frames also have warranties that can last for months or years.

Manufacturers issue warrants for up to ten years for high-quality frames.

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Some warranties will cover normal wear and tear. However, others will exclude that but cover damage that may have been caused in the production stage.

So you need to carefully consider how the warranties to ensure they you get the trampoline is covered from usual wear.

3.   Trampoline Springs

Another important feature of the trampoline is the springs.

Unlike the other parts, springs are likely to wear out quickly even though they are made from rust-resistant steel. This is due to continuous stretching due to constant jumping.

The springs’ elasticity will degrade over time, causing affecting that trampoline’s bounce.

However, that should not worry you because you can easily save its lifespan by taking a few measures.

These include: thoroughly oiling the springs when you intend to store the trampoline, especially during the cold season.

are trampolines durable?

You can also enhance its safety features by getting the padding accessories for the springs.

Spring replacement is also available at an affordable price; you can also get performance springs. These are meant to increase the bounce effect.

If an adult uses a trampoline meant for kids, the springs will wear out quickly hence reducing the lifespan of the trampoline.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t fix it; trampoline springs are quite affordable and easy to replace.

However, if it has a warranty, you can get it fixed at no cost.

A spring’s warranty cannot be compared to that of a frame; it will likely range between a few months and years.

4.   Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are also an essential part of the trampoline.

It is also subject to wear and tear, which can reduce the lifespan of the trampoline.

The pads are placed on the exposed parts of the trampoline, such as the springs and the frame.

They are made from some high-density absorbent materials that are also meant to be a shock absorber.

The high-quality material is also UV protected and weatherproof.

Which means you can use it outside comfortably.

Constant usage can decrease the safety pads’ thickness, and hence the shock absorption properties.

In case of any damages that can’t be fixed, you can easily replace them.

5.   Safety Nets

Trampoline safety nets are another essential feature of the trampoline.

The safety nets provide safety to the users by preventing them from falling off the trampoline.

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These nets are essential especially for those who have never used a trampoline before

Continued use and exposer to severe weather conditions can decrease their lifespan.

Worn out safety mats can also be dangerous to the users

Tips to Increasing the Life of Trampoline

Tips to Your Trampoline Last Longer

If you are worried that your trampoline is on its way to the garbage bin before its time, then stop.

There is always a solution to every problem, but you have to be willing to put in the effort.

Always check on the different parts from time to time to ensure you don’t miss anything that may need fixing.

Also, remember always to follow the maintenance procedures to be on the safe side.

Always keep the jumping mat clean, free from debris and object that may damage it.

Wear and tear happen when the mat is exposed to debris, use a protective cover to shield it from these elements.

Also, ensure that when not in use, exposed steel parts of the trampoline are well oiled to prevent damage from rust.

On How Long Do Trampolines Last

The number one determining factor on how long your trampoline will last the maintenance.

How you maintain your trampoline determines its lifespan.

Besides maintenance, you should establish strict rules to maintain the trampoline’s integrity. Also read: Shooting Squirrels in Backyard.

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