Serama Chickens for Sale: The Smallest Chicken Breed

Serama chickens For Sale are the smallest and most expensive chicken globally, and most people are proud to own them.

They have an upright and vertical natural posture with a raised breast, almost like a pigeon and feathers almost touching the ground.

A mature chicken weighs less than 500 grams.

They are kept as house pets thanks to their friendliness, size, and temperament.

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The chickens love staying round people and their incubation period is shorter compared to other breeds.

It takes around 25 to 35 weeks to mature completely.

They are of different colors, and sometimes the chicks can grow bigger than their parent.

These chickens molt continuously and lose some feathers day in day out.

Because of their size, they can cope better with layers mash compared to pellets.

Egg color ranges from dark brown to pure white, and 5 of them equal to one sizeable graded egg.

How to Choose Serama Chickens for Sale

If you spot some Serama chicken for sale either online or from your local store, then it’s essential to know that there are several factors to take into consideration.

Serama Chickens for Sale
smallest chickens breed

Check Its Comb and Face

For you to determine whether a Serama chicken is healthy, check whether it has a red comb and face.

However, for the young species, this may not apply since they are not of age, and theirs maybe a little bit paler.

An ideal comb displays even serrations with a goof height that tends towards flyaway type.

Avoid the ones with purple face or comb since sometimes it may be a sign of illness.

Go for chicken that appears strong and well-groomed and clean.

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Inspect whether the eyes and nose are clear and clean and free from swelling, crusting, or discharge.

Some foul odors can be an indicator of internal sickness; that’s why you should avoid buying such chicken at all costs.

Ensure its comb is straight with 5 serrations though in some cases, they can be 4 or 6; such can only be bred with careful pairing.

The comb should not be buried within the head, have no fishtails, side sprigs, or flop to one side.

Before buying any Serama chicken, ensure you ask the seller of the deworming and parasite treatment schedules and the last time they had a dose.

Check the legs

Inspect the legs keenly for any scabs, deformities, or blisters.

Ensure it does not have any leg issues since such hen cannot walk, breed, or produce healthy chicks.

Sometimes these may be a sign of illness, and the chicken may not survive for too long.

A male chicken with deformed legs may not have the ability to mate with a female one since they have no excellent grip.

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Crooked toes may cause lameness, too, and can be caused by changing humidity levels or hatching problems.

Overly splayed toes lead to reduced balance affecting the chicken’s stability.

Such chicken should not be displayed for an exhibition, but if the problem is not easily noticeable, you can try it.

Serama Chickens for Sale


Beak disability is a serious problem when it comes to feeding, and since no one will want to take a chicken that does not eat at home, it’s wise to avoid buying them.

A chicken’s beak should not be crooked, under or overshot. A beak deformity is a serious issue that should not be overlooked.

A chicken’s beak should be trimmed to avoid overgrowing though this may not be a deformity.

If the beak is too long, the bird may find it hard to eat and end up dying of starvation.

Wry Tail

The wry tail is a skeletal deformity, and birds with such a problem should not be used inbreeding.

Such a bird is only suitable as a pet.

The deformity is hereditary, passing from one generation to the next.

Such chicken can be displayed in an exhibition, and the seller can end up being penalized once found displaying such deformity.

Visit the Breeder’s Home

Serama chicken tends to mature slower than other breeds reaching a true adult shape at around 18 months old.

However, some sibling may grow faster or slower than their parents.

Before purchasing, it’s wise to visit the breeder’s home to observe the birds in their environment to see how they behave in their relaxed mood.

This way, you will be able to make a better judgment on how you will use the bird.

You can decide to use it for display, as a pet, or for breeding.

When selecting one for pet, go for the one that seems to enjoy its interaction with people.

Another advantage of visiting the home is that you can check the parent and the sibling to understand how the bird will look in its mature stage.

It also helps you choose from a variety so that you go for the best.

Ensure their housing is clean and spacious and kept away from the unhealthy ones.

Do not try purchasing birds from online markets since you may get disappointed in the long run.

Types of Serama Chicken for Sale

There is a variety of Serama chickens in the market.

Let’s get started,


The ball type is round in shape with their breasts held high and short legs. Their wings are not vertical but almost 45 degrees due to the wing and leg length.


This is the extreme type of Serama chicken. Its wings are vertically held while the legs range from short to medium length.

Some have their heads held back while the breast is held higher the head.


The slim type is a relatively slender and tall chicken with a small breast. Its physical appearance looks as though it can fit in a cylinder container without strain.

This type is associated with a V-shape.


The Apple type is slightly different from the ball type.

Its breast is a bit lower and larger, while the legs are medium in length.

How to Choose Serama Chicken Eggs

It advisable to go for eggs weighing between 18grams to 24grams

Eggs that appear opaque or mottles are not likely to be viable. Never try incubating deformed eggs.

Incubate the cleanest eggs but never try washing them since this reduces their viability.

Do not incubate eggs from a bird that is under treatment. Inspect whether the eggs have any flaws or cracks.

Disinfect your incubator at the right temperature before placing the eggs inside.

Final Thoughts Serama Chickens for Sale

As you can see, you can get Serama chickens for sale either online or from a local breeder’s home.

However, it’s important to note that there are several factors that you must take into consideration to ensure that you get chicken that meets your desired requirements.


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