Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me

Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me! It’s no longer comfortable staying at home since the police might knock at your door. No, you are neither a criminal nor have you called the cops.

You have a stubborn neighbor that keeps calling the cops on you for petty or no reasons.

Some neighbors are malicious, while others are just paranoid.

Maybe they are profiling you for being different. But you’d never know since they haven’t approached you for any clarification.

You can stop such a neighbor from harassing you. However, it would help if you took precautions as they may claim you are harassing them.

Here, you’ll learn the tips and tricks to apply to stop such a neighbor. The steps are easy and free to apply. Also, it will strengthen your relationship with your neighbors.

How to Handle a Neighbor Calling Cops on You

People that report their neighbors to the police are in several neighborhoods. Probably, you have encountered them.

A simple search on the internet will show you how several people are dealing with the problem. (source)

Some complainants claim that their neighbors are noisy. However, in defense, some say the noise wasn’t too loud.

There are several other reasons people call cops on their neighbors. You can also call cops due to security threats.

But some people are just malicious and create lies to harass their neighbors. Here’s how you can stop a malicious neighbor from harassing you.

Find the Root of the Problem

Before you seek any solution, you need to know the root of the problem. Maybe you are doing something to irritate your neighbor.

If you solve the problem, you could stop your neighbor from calling the police on you.

You need to be honest with yourself. Do not overlook minor issues, thinking they can affect anyone.

You might be living in a peaceful environment, and neighbors can’t tolerate low noise levels.

Also, you may be inviting suspicious visitors that make your neighbors uncomfortable.

Once you look into your life, you can point out a few reasons why your neighbor calls the police.

Some reasons your neighbor calls the police on you could be petty.

For instance, they may profile you due to your clothes, hairstyle, or skin color. Although the reasons don’t make sense, the police will investigate you.

Some people will be content after the first investigation. However, some people will keep calling the police until you take steps to stop them.

Talk to Your Neighbor

Once you know that the neighbor calls the police every few days, you may react to the harassment.

However, the reaction may trigger some scuffles between you and your neighbor.

You can prevent this if you calm down before you approach your neighbor.

For the sake of peace, you should empathize with your neighbor.

Listen to their concerns and try to change where you can. If it’s an issue you can’t change, you can try to explain it to them – some may understand.

However, some neighbors may not take your actions kindly.

Thus, it would help if you took caution before approaching your neighbor. In the section below, we’ll check how you can document the interaction with your neighbor.

Some neighbors would be bold enough to approach you and present their concerns.

You can correct some complaints immediately. However, you may not be in a position to have a conclusive dialogue.

You can leave your contacts with your neighbor so that they alert you once you do something to irritate them. That way, they won’t need to call the police.

 Have a Dialogue with the Police

You won’t know the neighbor is calling the cops on you most of the time. Thus, the only option is to present your case to the police.

Visit a police station and request to talk with the person in charge.

Review your neighbor’s report and explore the available remedies with the supervisor. Remember to remain calm throughout the process.

Also, tell your story and ask if your actions were against the law. Go home and apply the available remedies to your situation.

Also, ask for any action you can take if your neighbor continues using police to harass you.

Document your Interaction With Your Neighbor

You should document your interaction with your neighbor for evidence and future reference.

Thus, you should note your agreement and have a voice or video recording.

However, if you are unsure of your neighbor’s reactions, you should install a CCTV to capture the interaction.

Remember to turn the CCTV away from your neighbor’s door before they find a new reason to call the police.

How to Tell Which Neighbor Called Cops on You

The police will never tell you who filed a complaint in your neighborhood.

That’s why people feel safer reporting to the police than confronting their neighbors when they are irritated. Thus, you have to find out for yourself.

Observe the behavior of all your neighbors. If there’s one you are in a scuffle with, they might be the one.

However, you should also examine how other neighbors address you.

If you have a friendly neighbor who has lived in the neighborhood for a long time, you can ask about any malicious neighbor who keeps reporting others.

Can You Sue a Neighbor for Using Police to Harass You?

Yes, you can take legal action on your neighbor for using the police to harass you.

However, you need to be sure you will win the lawsuit. Also, is the move worth it? For the sake of your peace, you should make the right decision.

Filing a lawsuit will make you use time and money. You’ll get an attorney to ensure you win the case even when they know you stand no chance.

It’ll be best to explore other alternatives before you sue your neighbor.

You can settle your differences through dialogues and interventions.

However, if you need to file a lawsuit, ensure you have sufficient evidence.

You should also show the steps you tried to solve your issues and failed. Also, you can involve your landlord if you live in a rented apartment.

How to Stop Harassment From a Neighbor

You can stop a neighbor from harassing you through some simple steps.

However, if all the interventions fail, you can move out if you live in a rented apartment or sue the neighbor. Below are the steps you should explore.

Hold a Dialogue

The first and easy step you should take is to hold a dialogue with your neighbor.

This way, you’ll know what you do to annoy your neighbor. Also, they can suggest remedies to your situation.

Involve Other Neighbors

Call an older neighbor or one that attracts respect from everyone. Let them help in solving the conflict between the two of you.

If you escalate the case, they will serve as your witnesses if your neighbor doesn’t stop calling the police.

Involve Your Landlord

You can involve your landlord once you gather evidence that your neighbor is using the police to harass you.

Every landlord wants their tenants to live peacefully. They’ll try to find out the malicious neighbor and solve the issue amicably.

Seek Mediation

Seek mediation services from an expert near you. They come in handy when neighbors and landlords fail to solve the issue with the complainant.

Also, it’s a better option before you take legal action. Also, it’s a cheaper alternative to a lawsuit.

Move Out

If you have exhausted all avenues, but your neighbor’s behavior persists, you may consider moving to a more peaceful environment.

Ask your landlord to prepare all legal documents to help you relocate.

Steps to Take if Your Neighbor Poses a Threat to You

Once you detect a threat from your neighbor, you should take action immediately. Call the police and file a report. Also, request a restraining order against them.

Conclusion on Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me

Conflicts between neighbors make both tenants uncomfortable.

You should seek dialogue with your neighbor to solve the problem.

However, sometimes dealing with your neighbor is dangerous. Thus, you should seek safer methods to deal with the problem.

Other neighbors and landlords help a lot in mediating the concern. But you can also seek expert mediation.

Remain calm when dealing with a malicious neighbor. It helps to exonerate you from any complaints against you.

Also, you can win any case against such a neighbor. However, if nothing solves the issue between you, you should file a lawsuit or move out as the last option.

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