Is It Illegal to Put Something in a Mailbox?

Is It Illegal to Put Something in a Mailbox? A Mailbox is a great way to deliver mail.

They allow people who live in the same area to easily pass along messages and packages without handing them off on the street or finding another place for them.

However, there is something that many people don’t know about what you can put into a mailbox: it’s illegal.

The answer>

It’s illegal to put something in a mailbox. The only people allowed to put or take mailbox things are the owners and the postal employees.

So, it’s definitely illegal for any non-postal employee to put something in someone’s mailbox.

Is It Illegal to Put Something in A Mailbox That Is Your Own Mailbox?

According to the USPS, it is only illegal if you are using someone else’s mailbox or an official U.S Postal Service (USPS) mailbox and putting your own mail in it without their permission.

Is It Illegal to Put Something in A Public Mailbox?

Mailboxes are considered property of the United States Postal Service, so putting anything into them that doesn’t belong there could be seen as trespassing or vandalism.

If you do not have permission from USPS to use their box for whatever reason, they will press charges against you if caught doing this act.

This can carry maximum fines and possible jail time depending on what they catch you doing with the boxes.

How Do I Report Someone Putting Something in My Mailbox?

If you believe someone is putting items into your mailbox without your permission, contact local law enforcement or postal authorities to see if it’s illegal where you live.

You might also consider contacting the mailbox manufacturer (if known) to discuss having a locking mechanism installed on your box.

As with any case involving theft, criminal mischief or other crimes against property, be sure that you can identify who did this and what they put in your box before reporting it as a suspicious activity to the police.

Otherwise, there may not be much evidence for investigators to work with when finding out who committed these acts against you.

This might include taking photos of people around the mailbox or noticing a specific vehicle that’s been seen in the area.

If you find something offensive, such as old porn magazines or other types of hate literature (including racist flyers and fake eviction notices), report this to your local law enforcement agency as well.

Even if it seems funny at first glance, there may be underlying implications about someone targeting certain people for their race, religion or other personal characteristics that could signal illegal discrimination outside police jurisdiction.

This also applies to items left inside mailboxes without permission from homeowners — whether they’re empty boxes placed there on purpose to look like an intruder tried stealing packages through the door slot but failed, or someone is putting unwanted mail or magazines in your box without asking, either way, it’s illegal and should be reported to the police.

Can You Put Stickers on Your Mailbox?

Put it this way: In most cases, no. In some areas of the United States, you can put certain stickers on your mailbox without any problem at all.

But in other parts of the country, putting any type of sticker or decal on a mail box is against U.S. Postal Service regulations and could lead to that mailbox being removed from service for one reason or another.

But as a general rule, it’s okay to put a sticker on the pole or post and not directly on the mailbox.

What is the Penalty for Putting Something in Mailbox?

According to the Mailbox Restriction Law, it’s against federal law to put something in a mailbox for which no postage has been paid.

If caught, an individual can be fined up to $5000 while an organization can get a fine of up to $10000. This law is only applicable in the United States as most other countries don’t have such legislation.

Is It Illegal to Put Flyers in Mailboxes?

Mailing flyers can be truly expensive for any startup or business person who wants to advertise their services.

To avoid postal costs, many local advertisers opt to place their flyers in mailboxes. But some laws govern flyers’ postage.

It’s is illegal to put flyers in mailboxes without proper postage.

Can You Go to Jail for Putting Something in Someone’s Mailbox?

It’s not a crime when you mistakenly open another person’s mail.

You can take it to the person and apologize for the inconvenience or simply put it back in the mailbox for the mailman to send it to the right person.

Criminal mail tampering is considered as tampering with another person’s mail without their person and with the intent to damage, cause inconvenience to the person.

Mail tampering refers to stealing and destroying mail- a letter or package from a private mailbox, postal team member, or a mail truck.

In the case you’re charged with mail theft, you can face up to 5 years behind bars in federal prison and receive a fine of up to $250,000.

Additionally, you could face up to 3 years behind bars with a $250,000 fine for tampering with mail that’s been placed in a mailbox.

Depending on how the theft was done, you could face additional charges such as breaking and entering, assault.

Stealing personal identifying information such as SSN, name, ID, driver’s license could land you identity theft charges.

Final thoughts on Is It Illegal to Put Something in a Mailbox?

As you can see, it’s illegal to put something in a mailbox if you’re not the owner or an employee of the postal office.

Additionally, putting anything on your neighbor’s mailbox is illegal and considered a criminal offense if caught and can land you time in jail and hefty fines.

Lastly, if you suspect that someone has been putting offensive notes or porn magazines in your mailbox, it’s best to contact your local authority.

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  1. My neighbor put unstamp letter from her attorney on 12/8/2021 in my mailbox, got photo. It was unmailed!
    I consider this a form of harassment

    • It was a hand write post it note that my neighbor wrote: that her attorney will contacting me 11/16/21, any unstamped mail in my mailbox is illegal

      • Any unstamped mail put in your mailbox is illegal and a form of harassment. I suggest you contact the local authority to address the matter.


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