Why are My Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown?

Why are my peace lily flowers turning brown?

A peace lily is an appealing indoor flower plant known for thriving in low sunlight.

It has dark green leaves and produces pale white flowers to give an aroma that lasts.

They are excellent houseplants for using at home or office thanks to their ability to clean the air of the room.

However, sometimes the flowers start turning brown and the leaves turn yellow.

Today the flowers may be having their normal color then the next day they start turning brown.

Do not panic if you see your flowers turning because it happens to many people.

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In this article, I have listed some of the reasons why your peace lily flowers are turning brown and how you can fix them.

Why Are Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown?

There are various reasons why your peace lily flowers may be turning yellow.

Note that we are only concerned with the browning of the flowers and not the leaves.

Let’s get started;


Even if you do everything right for the peace lily, it reaches a point when the flowers start turning brown.

Why does this happen?

Well, after planting your peace lily it starts turning green with its flowers closed before blossom.

After some days the flower opens to give a beautiful white appearance.

The spadix then changes from white to green again meaning that the seed is getting into position and pollination is taking place.

After that, the flower may remain green then brown or turn white once again.

If you notice that it’s turning brown, it may be a sign that it’s in the process of dying.

Soon it will start to wither then fall off marking the end of its lifecycle.

It may take around 10 days after opening up before the flower starts to wither while the spadix may take almost a month before dying.

Once the spadix is dead, do not keep it on the plant instead remove it with a clean pair of shears.

Never try removing the flower with your hands since you tear the plant’s stem.

The same applies to brown leaves, once you notice them cut them off.

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Lack Of Good Care

Like any other houseplant, peace lilies require frequent care from time to time.

As I earlier mentioned, peace lily does not do well in direct sunlight instead require spotted light.

The light can be filtered through other plants, leaves or trees. You can also create the spotted light using transparent objects between the plant and the sunlight.

Maintaining the optimum temperatures in the room is also another way of taking care of the plant.

Any temperature in the range of 60- 85 degrees Is the optimum temperature for the peace lily.

Temperatures above 90 degrees will lead to yellowing or browning of the leaves or the spadix

Additionally, peace lilies require humidity too to thrive well.

Use a dehumidifier or fill a tray with water and gravel then place plant pot on top of the tray.

Alternatively, you can mist the plant to give the right level of humidity.

When it comes to watering, peace lilies need just enough moisture to thrive.

They are more tolerant to underwatering than overwatering.

To avoid overwatering, check the plant once a week to determine whether they require watering.

If you notice that the topsoil is still dump do not water the plant.

On the other hand, when it comes to fertilizing, peace lilies do not require frequent fertilizing.

Once or twice a year is enough to keep the plant with enough nutrients.

A peace lily plant leaves are dust magnets so it’s good to wipe them with a damp cloth to open the clogged pore once in a while.


Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown

A stressed-out plant is always straining to survive and cannot be healthy.

Some causes of stress are repotting frequently, poor lighting, inadequate nutrients and poor soil.

In case you suspect that your peace lily is stressed out, first check its leaves.

If you notice that the look deformed, changed in shape or wilted, then the plant may be stressed.

The color also changes from green to yellow or brown.

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In many cases overwatering is the main culprit of a stressed plant.

Can I Prolong The Life Of The Peace Lily Flower?

Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown

As I earlier mentioned, the lily flowers take around a month before withering.

This duration can be short considering that they’re white for only 10 days.

The spadix may grow back again but sometimes it may be difficult for some plants.

Everyone would love to enjoy their peace lily flowers a little longer than 10 days.

However, it comes with a lot of responsibility from the plant owner.

Taking extra good care of the plant will give you healthier and attractive flowers for longer.

This way you may be able to enjoy your flowers for more than 10 days.

However, you cannot prevent the spadix from dying completely but with good care, it will take around 2 to 3 months instead of one month.

Why my peace lily plant does not form flowers?

Like any, Some gardeners may have a hard time getting their peace lily plants to form flowers.

One of the main reasons why your plant is not flowering is the lack of the right lighting.

As I mentioned earlier, these plants need dappled light to thrive.

Dim lighting and lots of shade lead to slow growth and development of the spadix.

Unfavorable temperatures also lead to poor development of the spadix.

Watch the indoor temperatures and humidity for better growth of the plant.

Also, ensure you water once you notice the topsoil is dry.

When Is The Best Time To Repot My Peace Lily?

It is not all the time your lily plant needs re-potting.

So how will you know that the plant needs re-potting?

Some gardeners will prefer to do it during the spring season.

Sometimes the plant is too big for its pot and the roots have nowhere to go.

This is the best time to re-home your lily plant to plant it in a bigger pot.

However, if the plant is still doing well, you can let it remain in the same container.

Final Thoughts On Peace Lily Flowers Turning Brown

Now you have some information on peace lily flowers turning brown.

Always take good care of your plants so that the flowers can blossom and for a longer period.

Ensure there is no direct light reaching your houseplant to avoid browning.

Give enough water but be careful not to overwater it.

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